6 Web Design Changes That Will Impact Your Conversion Rate

Website design and conversion rate are inextricable. In other words, if your design is lackluster, you won’t convert a lot of leads into sales.

So what can be done to improve your site’s design? Well, that’s exactly what we discuss throughout the following sections. Read on to know six web design tips you can implement to boost your site’s conversion rate.

1. Get the Color Scheme Right

It should be clear on your website what your brand’s colors are, but you shouldn’t get so creative with the color scheme (use color strategically) that it becomes distracting and impedes navigation.

For example, if your homepage has a red-trimmed background, the other pages will need a similar background to ensure consistency.

Also, if your brand’s colors are associated with higher conversion rates, make the most of this.

Note: It’s best to stay away from bright, neon colors, as these can be distracting and often impede navigation.

2. Make What You’re Offering Clear and Appealing

Make what you’re offering unmistakably clear on your homepage. This way, visitors know right away whether you’re what they’re looking for or not.

Also, your landing page should be designed with a target audience in mind so you can establish value and demonstrate how you’re different from the rest.

If visitors come to your site and don’t know what you’re offering within seconds, they’ll leave and go elsewhere.

Adding images, graphics, etc. will also help with showing what your site is all about. You can also integrate a short promo video into your landing page to make what you’re offering crystal clear.

3. Predictable Layout

A predictable layout will improve your sales funnel, since site visitors won’t have a hard time finding what they’re looking for.

Basically, you should present the most important information first, and then follow this up with the more detailed information that’ll help with converting an interested visitor into a customer.

You should also split up blocks of text with images and graphics to ensure smoothness and consistency.

4. Ensure Simple Navigation

Design your site with simple navigation in mind. For example, use one drop-down menu, and make sure it includes links to your “About Us” page, “Contact us” page, services page, locations served page, checkout pages if needed, etc.

Site visitors shouldn’t have to struggle to find what they’re looking for. After all, they’re probably on your site because they want a solution as soon as possible.

Utilizing a streamlined design shows professionalism and indicates to site visitors that you care about user experience—the latter will go a long way in helping to build your customer base.

5. Use Graphics

Graphics are visually appealing tools you can use to display the key things your business is offering. Graphics can also make it clear, on a visual level, how your business stands out from the competition.

Employing graphics also allows you to showcase your brand’s logo.

Essentially, you could say all you need to say in a 50- to 100-word graphic and turn a site visitor into a sale with this information alone.

6. Keep Text Brief Yet Informative

Refrain from using dense bricks of text, and don’t be afraid to use one-sentence paragraphs. The more clauses you put together, the greater the risk that you’ll confuse visitors, prompting them to leave.

Don’t use colored text unless you’re using a white or black background; color can distract from the message the text is meant to convey.

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It should come as no surprise that website design isn’t something you can master overnight, and that’s why many businesses hire professional web designers when they want to improve their online presence.

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