At Bless Web Designs, our team of creative minds wants to bring your vision of a business website to life, at the same time manage time and budget as well as the work quality. Websites are created in several phases, from gathering information and planning to keeping the website current. We have the tools, experience, and skills to keep the project on the rails and the boundaries of possibility.

No two projects are the same always, but our well-established process served us and our clients efficiently across hundreds of website builds.


The planning stage sets the direction for your website, so we’ll send you a brief questionnaire about the purpose, goals and target audience for your project. Knowing your goals helps us measure how your website performs and helps you determine whether it’s worth improving and expanding upon. Knowing your target audience gives us direction for the types of design elements and content that your site requires. Also tell us of any existing ideas and branding and functionality elements that you want your site to have.

With these details, we can create a site map that lists all of the main topics and subtopics for your website. This part of the planning stage is essential for developing an easy-to-use navigational system and determining which coding and programming technologies to use for your site, such as PHP server-side language, scripts and a shopping cart.


Using the questionnaire that you send back to us, we’ll begin to design the look and feel of your website, incorporating aspects specific to your company. Adding your company colors and logo, for example, strengthen your brand identity on your website.

Our team might use paper or a graphics program to start the design stage. During this time, we’ll create designs for desktop, mobile and even tablet versions of your website. To give you an idea of what your website will look and feel like, we add lorem ipsum or dummy text to fill the areas where content will appear. If you wish, we can add actual content to make the design look as real as possible.

We encourage you to give us as much feedback as possible about the design. Knowing what you like and dislike allows us to exchange ideas and make appropriate changes until you approve the final design. Based on the final design, we will add more pages if you need them and make changes until you’re 100 percent satisfied. Our goal is to exceed your expectations.


Now it’s time to use the design to build your website, which is the longest stage of site creation. We’ll use the coding and programming technologies that your site needs, such as databases, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, and ensure that these elements load quickly and work perfectly in web browsers across all devices.

The first part of a website that we develop is the home page. Then, we’ll code an outline for additional pages in accordance with accessibility and maximum functionality. When your site is ready for a review, you will receive a test link to view it. At this time, you have the opportunity to give us feedback, and we’ll make changes accordingly.

If you already have content to publish on your site, you can send it to us to add in the proper places. We’ll make your website optimized for search engines, social media and users. Our team also integrates strong call to actions to promote conversions and reduce bounce rates. Some other features that we provide include

  • automatic backup,
  • control over content and images for CMS-based websites,
  • Google Analytics,
  • Google Webmaster Tools, and
  • top-level security to prevent hacking and malware.


When the development of your website is complete, we’ll test the code with W3C to validate that every element acts and looks as it should. Some of the aspects that we’ll test include compatibility issues between various web browsers, the functionality of scripts and viewing optimization on different devices. We’ll also perform loading speed and responsiveness tests as well as make sure that the website meets your goals and fulfills its purpose.

The testing phase ensures that your website delivers a uniform brand experience for your clients or customers no matter how they use it. We’ll make adjustments to the code as needed to achieve this and integrate security measures before you give the final go ahead for launch.


Once you give us final approval for your website, it’s time to launch it for the public. To make your site live, we’ll transfer its files to your live server, ensuring that the most updated versions of the pages are published. We usually perform the website transfer during the night, when there’s less traffic on the server.

During the launch stage, we also install and configure plugins that enhance the performance of your website. To ensure that everything is uploaded and works properly, we’ll run some quick tests again. After confirming that the website is fully functional, your website launch is complete and accessible to the public.


Even after your website is live, we’re here to fix any bugs or coding issues that you come across. Our goal is to ensure that your website performs as it should.

We’re also available for extended support if you want to add pages and content to your site. Our team can help you with a redesign as well to keep your website fresh and up to date in your market.