What Is Responsive Web Design & Why Is It Important?

We’ve all been there before—you open up a site on your phone expecting an easy-to-use interface, but instead you get huge images, blocks of text, and maybe (if you’re lucky) a drop-down menu. What you’re looking at is a desktop-oriented site on a mobile phone, and this is exactly the kind of thing responsive web design prevents.

But what is responsive web design, and what are the benefits of using it? For answers to these questions and much more useful information, read on!

What Is Responsive Web Design?

A website that employs responsive design will automatically scale content and other elements so they look good no matter the screen they’re being viewed on. For instance, images won’t be larger than the screen. Responsiveness is one of the main factors of an optimal website design.

This is particularly useful for mobile viewers, who previously had to navigate desktop-style sites on small screens—and with their fingers no less—which not only took time but was markedly complicated as well.

In other words, employing responsive design will ensure site viewers don’t have to resize, scroll, zoom, pan, etc. to access your site. This is key, considering most people no longer have the patience required to do all that, mainly because we’ve become so used to well-designed mobile and desktop sites.

Before, designers would have to design multiple sites; one for desktops and one for mobile devices. Plus, sites had to be made for tablets and similar devices. With responsive design, a site will scale up or down automatically according to what the screen requires.

What Are the Benefits of Responsive Web Design?

Improved User Experience

We are in the digital marketing age, where having an attractive, conversion-generating website is everything. If your site viewers can’t browse conveniently, they’ll give up and go somewhere that’s more user-friendly.

With responsive design, you don’t have to worry about your site coming off as unprofessional because it can’t fit the viewer’s screen, resulting in a quality user interface. The seamlessness of responsive design will show both desktop and mobile viewers that you care about user-friendliness, and you won’t just look professional but trustable as well.


Maintaining multiple sites can get expensive fast. But with responsive design, you cut the cost in half, since you’ll only have to invest in one site design that’s compatible across all devices. And with one site, you won’t need as much maintenance, so you’ll save in this department as well.

Enhanced SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps websites ascend to the top rankings of Google’s search results. With responsive design, you can ensure SEO tactics are effectively utilized across all versions of your site.

And considering most people use their phones to search on Google these days, it’s imperative to employ mobile SEO tactics and back them up with a user-friendly design. Employing responsive design allows you to do just that.


Additionally, employing responsive design saves time and provides more flexibility. Since you won’t have to tweak multiple sites, you can implement changes and assess their impact quickly. You can also respond to feedback quicker, which will improve user-friendliness and boost your credibility.

Easy to Manage

Managing a website, even if you’re a busy small business owner, will become a lot easier if you employ responsive design. You won’t have to spend hours making sure your site looks attractive on both desktop and mobile platforms. Plus, it’ll be easier to keep track of changes, since you won’t need records for multiple sites.

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