Improving the Ease of Upkeep

What do validated sites offer that others lack? For one thing, they’re more consistent because they follow best-practice coding customs. This makes them easier for users to access and interact with. It also ensures that maintenance remains simple for you, the owner.

Good housekeeping is vital to any effective website. By validating our code against W3C standards, we give you the freedom to make changes that keep your site concurrent with the times. When your code adheres to accepted styles, it’s easier to upgrade and expand so that your online presence keeps pace with your business growth.

Future Proofing Your Brand Presence

Our process uses proven technologies to analyze each facet of the code we create for non-CMS sites. In addition to applying good coding techniques from day one, we thoroughly cross-check our work until we’re sure we’ve gotten rid of any potential issues.

Our code validation aligns your digital outreach practices with what search engines, content publishers and ad networks expect to encounter. This ensures you can do way more with your website. When it comes to accommodating a wider range of browsers and maintaining compatibility with different SEO and marketing tools, there’s no better plan than sticking to the common language.

We excel at helping our clients grow through the application of validated learning, business acumen and technical expertise.

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