Advanced Protection from Malware and Viruses

Expansive Threat Protection

Security threats often come from unexpected quarters, and many carry unanticipated risks along with them. You can’t simply focus on one area or a single security tool and hope to overcome the many different challenges you face.

Your website deserves nothing less than a comprehensive security approach that mounts a broad defense. Bless Web Design malware and antivirus add-ons prepare your WordPress or CMS website for the worst with options like:

• Two-factor authentication,
• Brute-force protection,
• WordPress malware scanning,
• 404 detection, and
• File change detection.

Proactive Security Options

There’s no point in waiting until after threats occur to implement security practices. Unfortunately, it’s also hard to know what lies ahead.

We help you find a happy medium by applying antivirus and malware techniques that are tried and tested in the real world. Your site may not have been through a DDoS attack or malware infection before, but our methods have demonstrated their effectiveness in such situations. In other words, you always know you’re getting the best in terms of protection efficacy.

Live Web Attacks Worldwide

We excel at helping our clients grow through the application of validated learning, business acumen and technical expertise.

  • Works on desktop, laptop, tablet, & smartphone and all browsers.
  • Search and social friendly.
  • Custom designs include advanced features and functions.
  • Boosts your brand and engages your customers!

Starting from $499*