How AMPs and Dense Content Will Drive SEO Into 2018

It wasn’t long ago that outreach specialists were tasked with seemingly endless hours spent contacting website owners and bloggers in hopes of obtaining backlinks. ‘We’ll promote your content on social media’, they’d promise. Or, in the case of extra-savvy outreach specialists and web designers in Dallas, note that linking to us increases your own SEO and trust factor. In 2018, Web designers in Dallas and beyond will pursue Accelerated Mobile Pages and Dense Content with the same fervor they once put into obtaining backlinks.

Why? Because Google has literally handed them a simple and effective SEO tool on a silver platter. All they have to do is use it. Because it’s even simpler than standard HTML, any respectable developer has no excuse not to have this tool in their back pocket.

Dallas web designers have the benefit of working from a city that is on the cusp of tech trends. Despite being far from the well-trodden streets of Silicon Valley, the tech scene here in DFW is flush with designers branching out from working solely in the telecom industry.

What are Accelerated Mobile Pages?

Think of AMPs, a concept developed by Google and Twitter, as the new backlink. This light, simple HTML-based design practice delivers mobile pages that are attractive, easy to read, and perhaps most importantly, optimized for SEO. When a designer uses this technology, they can quickly insert keywords, H1 text, and image attributes that show Google that the page is authoritative and trustworthy.

Fortunately for startups in Dallas, the city’s designers are moving on from telecom and heading towards new horizons. They’re bringing their groundbreaking knowledge of  Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs, for short) with them when they come on board. Here at Bless Web Designs, we’re keeping our staff ahead of the curve.

AMPs are designed to be incredibly lightweight, optimizing the user experience for mobile users. Because they are essentially open source, those planning and building the website have a ton of control over how the page looks and who it is targeted for.

On the receiving end, there are a number of ways this benefits brands. Page visitors stay on the site longer because they aren’t frustrated by slow loads. They’re more likely to click around and consume additional media because it comes quickly and is enhanced for visibility and consumption.

The top web designers in Dallas are at the forefront of this concept, helping local businesses rank higher in Google searches and bring in more business even before Adwords or social media advertising is implemented. The icing on the cake is the rise of what’s known as Dense Content.

How Dallas web designers are optimizing AMP SEO through Dense Content

Now that we’re looking beyond backlinks, dense content is becoming ever more important in SEO. In short, this term refers to how much a page’s content is in line with its size. Content that is rich in active keywords and properly formatted is going to do two beneficial things:

Make the page easier to read for Google crawlers.
This, in turn, helps them prioritize your page and rank it in appropriate searches.

Make the page easier to read for mobile visitors.
Marketingland noted that 56% of web users are visiting pages via mobile devices. 2016 saw the number climb above 50% for the first time. Informative, easy-to-read articles and web copy ensure that these visitors aren’t deterred by strained eyes and blocks of unseparated text.

Bringing it all together

Startups in Dallas expect (and, we’d argue, deserve) optimized SEO. Use of AMPs and dense content should be at the top of the list of questions any brand brings to web designers in Dallas. We’re not saying backlinks are dead – they still help immensely with SEO. But the idea of building a sigh without these new tools and then reaching out asking for backlinks when the content is mobile-optimized? That’s kind of like showing up at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show with a 2015 model. Stay in the now, and you’ll stay ahead of those still crafting that perfect outreach email.